Access Control Systems

Creating simple, secure and intelligent access for homeowners, residents and visitors

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Wireless & Videocall

No wiring or hardware is needed inside the homes. Our products only require Internet connection, power and door lock. See who is calling your property. Residents receive a video call on their smartphone and can open the door from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Opening & Remote Management

Owners, residents, maintenance personnel and visitors will be able to perform openings via codes, smartphones, NFC tags and traditional key. Add/remove users with just one click and manage permissions such as creating sub-users, calls…


24/7 Photo Surveillance & Remote Concierge

Each visit and entry to the property is recorded with photo, date and time stored for 30 days.

Abrebox Intercom® A10 Pro

Abrebox’s intelligent system allows for the elimination of wiring to homes and offices, while eliminating the installation of indoor hardware units, allowing for greater control, comfort, savings, security and scalability of each property.

Wireless & Videocall

Multi-Opening & Remote Management

24/7 Photo Surveillance & Remote Concierge

Abrebox Installations In Marbella

Creating simple, secure and intelligent access for homeowners, residents and visitors

Intelligent intercom to be installed in each common access of the facilities. It only requires 3 connections: power, lock and Internet. It can be linked to as many users and as many doors and gates as required.

The Abrebox application replaces the indoor hardware units, allowing you to carry the telephone and your access key with you at all times. Through it you will be able to see your visitors, talk to them and even open the door from anywhere in the world.

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At Blaze, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of packages designed specifically to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our valued customers. We know that everyone has different communication requirements, so we strive to provide flexible and customised options.


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Blaze Fiber is an excellent service and the team are always on hand to help with any problems. They were able to install a fibre connection to our house when no other company could and added boosters so we can have it in every room ☺️

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Alex and his staff have been so helpful to us over the years and I cannot recommend than enough. There attention to detail is second to none and their prompt attendance at our apartment was always appreciated. If you are thinking of Broadband, think Blaze and go no further for a really reliable company.

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